The Suds Back Home (EC)

2731175731_c33e2e180dBack home in Holland, MI, in Ottawa County, it was just passed that alcohol can now be sold on Sundays. Previously, alcohol sales at stores, and at bars had to cease by 2am on Sundays and could not start back up until open of business hours on Mondays. Ottawa County, Michigan, is a highly republican part of Michigan, one of the few. It was surprising to me when Yes to Sundays passed in the recent election. I think this had to do largely with it being a college town–home to Hope College campus. In a recent article by the Holland Sentinel it was explained that the serving of alcoholic drink will begin this coming Sunday, November 23, 2008. Although they are now allowed to sell alcoholic drinks, it will only be from the tap. Labeled bottles and can will not be sold, but are allowed to be sold. Yes, it is confusing. Michigan requires a separate alcohol license to sell labels on Sunday, and because it was against the Ottawa County ordinance to sell it in the past, no one had obtained one of these licenses. It may take a while before you will see labels being sold on Sundays in Holland, but it will happen. It is expected that the bars will be busy on this Sunday because Hollanders will be excited about the new change.

Holland Sentinel news article found here: