History Has Been Made

obama-bidenI am very satisfied with the way this election has turned out. The first thing is the record voter turn out, and how many young people, and first time voters voiced their opinions.

I really do believe that Barack Obama will bring about the much needed change this country needs. John McCain would have just been another George Bush in office, and he did not have the experience of qualifications necessary to be the president of the United States of America. What would happen if there were to be a terrorist attack while the president was napping? What about if John McCain were to pass away while in office. Sarah Palin is not ready to run a country. Some say she cannot even run a family. Repeatedly when she was asked the explain the duties of a Vice President, she has no idea and answered incorrectly. Sarah Palin only graduated with a Bachelors in Journalism. So she thinks because she can write, and be Governor of Alaska that she could run the Country. Speaking of education, john McCain’s only education was through the military, and he graduated fifth from the bottom of his class of approximately three hundred people. He does not have a good hold on the country economic crisis either. Barack Obama being president has shown a large step in the process of overcoming discrimination.

I am also satisfied with the way that the proposals turned out. It wouldn’t effect me much whether or not proposal 1 passes, but I am happy it did. Proposal 2, about stem cell research, also passed. I think that was the right choice. The stipulations listed directly on the ballots tell that the stem cells with not be misused, nor will they be obtained through any extreme measures.┬áScientists and researchers are mearly using eggs that women voluntarily submitted for personal fertility studies that were in excess. Those eggs would have simply been thrown away, but are now going to be used to help cure diseases, and maybe even say the life of your loved ones.

I do think people need to be more open minded, and learn to trust. People need to be less traditional, forget about the way things were done in the past. They way things have been done in the past may have been sufficient then, but not now days. Many other things have changed, and we need to be flexible with that change. We, as a country, as a people, and as the people preparing the world for generations to come, need to be willing to overcome past issues, and deal with the present.