Ten Pet Peeves

(Not in order)

1.  Kicking my seat in a movie theater, at a restaurant booth, on airplane, etc.

2.  When you can hear some’s music clearly through their headphones; the purpose of headphones is to listen to the music yourself, and not make everyone else hear it.

3.  People talking in a movie theater during the movie, especially when they have seen it already and are telling the person they are with what is going to happen next.

4.  When people mumble

5.  When people laugh ridiculously loud (especially on the when on the phone) in public places that are generally a quiet atmoshpere (i.e. restaurants, waiting rooms, etc.)

6.  When parents let their kids do whatever they want to in public, and make to attempt to control them. (i.e. running up and down the isles of a grocery store)

7.  When people rudely talk over you. For example if you are ina group of four people (or other small group) in a small area talking, and only two of the other people are listening, so the third tries to start their ALown conversation

8.  People who always have to be right.  

9.  Pessimistic people, or people who cannot see things from anothers point of view.

10. Fake people–people who act one way one time, and completely different another time, just to impress the other people they are with.