Rubber Ducky

I “Stumble Upon”ed this website the other day. Scientists are actually using rubber ducks to melting glaciers and global warming. Who knew a child’s bath toy could become so useful? What NASA researchers have done is place ninety rubber ducks Jakobshavn Glacier between Greenland and Canada. On each rubber duck, in multiple languages, they placed an e-mail address, and the words “science experiment” and “reward.” They hope that people will find these ducks, and inform them of their location. This can help the NASA scientists to track the movement of the water flow from the glacier. They believe that this glacier, Jakobshavn, produced the iceberg that sunk the Titanic. That is amazing that they can figure that out. I am awed by how they chose to use a simple child’s toy for a scientific experiment. They could have spent billions on technical tools to measure and track this glacier, but they save that money. What will they think of next?



Live a Little, Take a Risk

 “Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly” –Robert Francis Kennedy\

This quote is one I have always loved. What this means to me is to always take a chance, no matter what the risk. For without a risk, there is no reward. The greater the risk, the greater the possible reward. Everyone should take this advice into strong consideration. Any entrepreneur in the world could tell you about the risks they had to take–without the risks they would not be where they are today. If you’re going to take one thing from this quote it should be if you take the risk, you’ll reap the rewards. Live a little, take a risk or two.