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4. MyNMU and WebCT

5. Postsecret

6. Threadless

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9. OneSentence

10. Photobucket

I also enjoy this thing called StumbleUpon. It is a randomized website generator. You click a button and it takes you to a site that is of interest to you.


Health Care Crisis Needs a Solution

I agree with this article that there is definatly a problem with the current healthcare system. I think this girl needs to do more research before she did her article tho. She talkes about the health care system and how it needs to change. She should focus more on how it needs to change. She takes a paragraph to talk about each presiental candidate and thier solution. I would like to know more about those solutions, positives and negatives, and possibly her opinion about thier solutions. It is an opinion article, but she said she doesn’t know what needs to be done other than somethings. State you opinion and your your voice, girl. It would even make the article a lot more stronger if she were to get opinions of other NMu students and possible faculty.