Dutch Village Malfuntion

I read an article from my hometown newspaper. It said that the swing ride at Dutch Village, a local tourist attraction, malfunctioned. Although no one was seriously hurt, it will remain closed for the rest of the season. The ride jerked and caused riders to collide with one another, or the empty swings. There were eight people on the ride. This article startled me. Holland is my hometown. I remember riding on that exact swing ride when I was a kid, and then the most recent time was only 2 years ago. I worked in the fudge shop in Dutch village, De Zute Haan, a couple of years ago. I also have always had a fear of a ride malfunctioning while I was on it; I think most people have at least a minor fear of it. Dutch Village has been in its current location since 1952. For more information on Dutch Village go to: http://www.dutchvillage.com/index.html. (This link is also the source for the image on the left.)

Article source:  http://www.wzzm13.com/news/news_story.aspx?storyid=98011&catid=14