Got Knots?

This image is from a website called I love to browse through this site in my spare time. You should try it sometime. You may get a couple of kicks, maybe some “awws”, “ewws,” or “I have no idea what that is but I like it’s.” This sight contains photoshop artwork (which is what I enjoy browsing), photography, and multimedia artwork from average people like you and me. The website holds photoshop contests based upon category, and it is judged by the people who browse through. This contest was all about knots. The rules were simple–make something (people, animals, architecture, whatever) into a knot. I enjoy this one. It is very true. I hate interstates, and especially interchanges. A lot of times it can feel like you’re driving through a knot. This highway looks quite distorted. I feel like I could just grab it and yank it tight… then it would be in complete knot.


artist: “Junnior”