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Posted On October 23, 2008

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Because, in my opion, people have a tendency to betray, my ideal mate is my dog. I do not mean mate in the way most of you may think, I am refering to companion.  My dog is a sheltie named Cody. He is the most loving creature on the planet earth and beyond. I had the blessing of seeing him this past weekend. When he arrived in Fremont, he jumped out of the car and ran straight toward me. He was wagging his course, fluffy tail back and forth. His undeniable love gleamed in his eyes. As dorky as it sounds to say about a dog, but I know he missed me as much as I missed him.


My Room

When walking into my dorm room at Northern Michigan University for the first time, most people comment about how spacious it seems. What you will see the the right, is an open closet filled with clothes, mostly mine. The closet is very colourful. Our closet shelf has a variety of boxes, tubs, bags, and a couple sweatshirts of mine. You nostrils will fill with the sent of orange honey. We have ‘sented sachets’ placed about our room that keep it smelling fresh, and not like the average college dorm room. If you take a deep breath, you may even be able to taste this refreshing fruity smell. On the opposite side of the closet is the doorr to the bathroom, which remains shut mo st of the time. If you are not wear shoes you will be delightfully suprised to finde asoft rug under your feet as you keep walking. The rug covers up the carpet seem. WE have biege low loop carpet. It is speckled with different shades of browns, tans, and greys. Our carpet is also spot free, thanks to my handy-dandy spot beater (from my daddy!) To you left you will find a stack of eight drawers. Occasionally, on a bad day, you may find one of these drawers a few inches open with a piece of clothing drapping over the edge of it. On you other side is my cluttered desk. I usually have papers and sticky nots scattered about the pictures of my familly and friends from back home. My chair usually has a sweatshirt of a pair of pants slung messily over the back of it. Adjecent to my dsk in our ‘kitchenet’ which consists of a mini-mini-frige and microwave, both older than myself, a brand-spanking new coffee pot, and a mini-fan. As you can see most of these things are miniaturized, or even double miniaturised, that is why we call it a kitchenet. If you continue to look counter-clockwise around the room, you will find some odds and ends including a white rubber-maid drawer, our printer and a few video games and assecories. This leads you to find my twenty-six inch flat screen LCD Westinghouse television which sits upon a black table angled in the corner of our room. If you completly turn the corner you will find the other half of our kitchenet which is drawers containing food, dishes, nd an abundance of coffee mugs. This sits a couple feet high under our window dressed with curtians made by yours truely… On the adjecent wall is my roommates desk, scattered with knick-knacks and papers also. Then you will see our beds which are bunked. On my bed, the bottom bunk, are many blankets. My comfrter is a noisey but silky green with white pollka-dots. I have navy jersey sheets, two vibrant arange pillows, a light purple body pillow, and my ragged not-so-white blankie. My roommates bed, above mine, has a green, yellow, and brown floral print comforter, with tan sheets and matching pillows. In the middle of our room you will find a green corderoy bowl chair. It is the most comfortable chair in the world. It tends to move around the room, and  to be fought over by my roommate and I. On our wall we have three posters. One is of Wall-E, another of beer labels, and the third a wanted poster for Stewie Griffin.


–verb (used without object)

1. to look about or stare with great curiosity, as by craning the neck or turning the head.

–verb (used with object)

2. to gawk at: The tieup was due to drivers rubbernecking an accident.

–noun Also, rub·ber·neck·er.

3. a sightseer; tourist.
4. an extremely curious person.

Americans these days love to rubberneck. When there is a car accident, you are guaranteedto see a rubbernecker. Dane Cook does a bit about accidents, and how Americans love to watch the "actions." He refers to a man standing on the corner saying that he was in his kitchen when he heard a bang, so he grabbed his slippers and went out side; then another man says he was in the living room, and he didn’t even grab shoes. I admit to rubbernecking myself. When I see a car accident, I love to try to see what is going on. It applies to more than accidents though. In a restaurant one day I heard a couple arguing, and being the rubbernecker that I am, I listened closely. I then began to notice the other people around doing the same.

Tired of Being Sexy

Beyonce declared that she was “tired of bering sexy.” That is my quote. Her saying that influenced the name of one of my favorite artists. Cansei De Ser Sexy in Portuguese means “got tired of being sexy.” They were rushed to think of a name when they realised that their first gig was only a week away. They went to a club in Brazil every fifteen days, at that club was were they thought of their name. Cansei De Ser Sexy, also known as CSS, loved to party to the sounds of Beyonce’s song “Crazy Love.” This quote also inspired Justin Timberlake’s hit song “Sexy Back.”


A Whole New Meaning

These images give the saying “My lips are sealed” a whole new meaning. The following are from the website I have used this site before for my art/image of the week. I enjoy it, and if you haven’t checked it out yet, I encourage you to do so.

These images are from a three-part contest titled "Bad Medicine." I kind of get chills down my spine when I see these. They make my lips hurt. Only if these were real… It may encourage people not to lie if everytime one lied they would have to have their lips sewn shut

Electricity-Free Refrigerator

Albert Einstein, a man of great knowledge, invented a refrigerator that did not use an once of electricity in 1930. This model used ammonia, butane, and water. I am not a very scientific person, so don’t ask me to explain it. For more check out the link at the bottom of the page. So what is the big deal? That was such a long time ago, it probably didn’t work. If that is what you’re thinking, you are right. I was not very efficient. The current refrigerator we use now-a-days uses freon gs and electricity. It has been proven that freon gas in the long run causes an effect on global warming. Malcolm McCulloch and a team that he oversees at Oxford University, are using Einstein’smodel, with modifications, to create a more efficient non-electric refrigerator. Their goal is to invent a “greener” refrigerator. McCulloch’s invention is still in the very early stages, and not near commercialization stage. But I may be lucky enough to own one ye tin my lifetime.


Health Care Crisis Needs a Solution

I agree with this article that there is definatly a problem with the current healthcare system. I think this girl needs to do more research before she did her article tho. She talkes about the health care system and how it needs to change. She should focus more on how it needs to change. She takes a paragraph to talk about each presiental candidate and thier solution. I would like to know more about those solutions, positives and negatives, and possibly her opinion about thier solutions. It is an opinion article, but she said she doesn’t know what needs to be done other than somethings. State you opinion and your your voice, girl. It would even make the article a lot more stronger if she were to get opinions of other NMu students and possible faculty.

Peeing in a Pool…

“Having a smoking section in a restaurant is a little like having a peeing section in a pool.”

Amen! I have nothing agianst smoking, or even smoking in restaurants, but some people do. If there is simply a section for smoking in a restaurant, the smoke still travels everywhere. If you wish to put cancer in your own lung, go for it; but don’t put cancer in other people’s lungs. It’s the same with peeing in a swimming pool. If you want to swim in your own pee, then please do it in you own pool or bath tub, don’t make everyone else swim in your pee too! Thank-you.


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Posted On September 24, 2008

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According to squalid means:

1. foul and repulsive, as from lack of care or cleanliness; neglected and filthy.
2. wretched; miserable; degraded; sordid.

It is always a great idea to have a large vocabulary of adjectives. Who would want to leave assuming that people know what you are talking about; rather you should enforce what you are saying by using adjectives. Instead of saying “Their kitchen was a mess, they must have not cleaned it for a year!”–you could say “Their kitchen was stagnant and squalid!” Hopefully most people would know what you are talking about. For when you know what you are talking about you can put emphasis on the words you are using and how you are using them rather than having to spend time attempting to describe it in simple terms.

Giant Yellow Rubber Ducky

I was attempting to find an image to go with my previous post, when I found this super intriguing. Dutch artist Florentjin Hofman, creates large inflatable art. In 2007 he created this giant inflatable duck.


As you can see in the above image, it towers over the height of a person, by a significant amount. Use the people in the lower right-hand corner for comparison.

This image shows the duck in comparison to sailboats!

Apparently this duck also greets onlookers by nodding it’s head. How the artist did that, I don’t know; but it still amazes me.



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