The Best Thing since Sliced Bread


You can drizzle it on a salad, dip your pizza in it, mix it in pasta or potatoes, and even lick it off your lover’s chin. Ranch is more than a salad dressing; it is the ultimate flavor booster. Ranch dressing is unsurpassed because it is a healthier alternative for flavor, the most universal flavor additive, and is the best thing since sliced bread.

It was the American stereotype for children to hate vegetables, but ranch has changed that. When I was a kid I know that broccoli and celery were the last things I would be seen eating. A common way children enjoy eating celery is topped with peanut butter. Why choose gummy peanut butter that sticks to the roof of one’s mouth, when one could have the healthier option of ranch dressing’s revitalizing taste. Kraft Peanut Butter has 180 calories in each serving, whereas Kraft Light Ranch has only fifty in each serving (“Kraft”).  Walk down the aisles of any local grocery store or supercenter, and the proof is hidden amongst the plethora of prepackaged foods overflowing shelf after shelf. Although ranch has a higher viscosity than peanut butter, it can still be used for the same scrumptious food items—all one has to do is dip, rather than top. It is still unlikely to see me with any form of deep green broccoli; on the other hand it is quite likely to see me with a stick of celery dipping it in ranch dressing. Adding ranch to bland, but juicy, celery adds lots of flavor, and makes the crisp vegetable much more enjoyable. Ranch dressing is not only nutritious, but also encourages kids, and persons of any age, to eat more vegetables.

In addition to vegetables, ranch dressing can be used on or added to almost anything you eat. It is like the laughter of food. Not only is laughter universal, but it goes with almost anything at anytime. It is also comparable because there are some combinations that I would never think of making—ranch and a dog biscuit for example; similar to laughter in a moment of sorrow. I, by no means, intend to offend anyone who likes ranch dressing on their dog biscuits. Some combinations are an acquired taste.

93551396761 The universality of ranch dressing lends itself to being creative. My sister loves to stir ranch into her mashed potatoes—an idea I would have never considered, but is an astonishingly velvety taste. It makes the classic American dish extra creamy and adds a hint of life to it. I love to mix ranch dressing, barbeque sauce, and some odd-and-end vegetables with cold pasta; it makes a wonderfully tantalizing summer dish. Ranch dressing is as refreshing as a swimming pool on a hot summer day. In the atmosphere of Super Bowl Sunday, the one thing that cannot be missing is the stimulating scent of ranch dip and fresh vegetables. For those not exceptionally fond of vegetables, the same dip can be used for potato chips or crackers. Another one of the many flexible ways it can be used for the crusts of pizza. At my house, we used to feed the crusts to the dog, the squirrels, or simply throw it away—until we discovered the amazing moistening and flavor boosting ability of ranch dressing.  Some other common combinations are made with French fries, chicken nuggets, hot wings, or various deep-fried foods. Vast arrays of combinations are possible to satisfy the pickiest of eaters. You name it; someone has probably tried it with ranch dressing—perhaps even a dog biscuit.

The creativity does not end with the boundless combinations of one food item or another. The process of dipping is uneventful but that can be varied. One could try dipping behind their back, or drizzling the dressing atop the food instead. Make a family game out of it—the ingenuity never ends.

Other than ranch dressing being nutritious and creative, it is literally the best thing since sliced bread. With ranch’s only competitor for ‘Best Invention Ever’ being the invention of sliced bread in the mid 1920s, it should win an honorable mention (“Invention”). Ranch dressing was invented at a place called the Hidden Valley Ranch, a resort in California, in 1950 by a man who was a plumber! (“Hidden”) Sliced bread made the quick and simple sandwich popular—ranch dressing is doing the same for vegetables and many other nonchalant foods. You can’t take the average salad dressing and use it for all the things you can use ranch for. There is no replacement for sliced bread, or for ranch dressing. You can even put ranch on a sandwich made with sliced bread and have the best of both worlds.

Ranch can be used for a flavor booster on an immense variety of foods. Not only is ranch one of most universal flavor additives, but it is healthier than some of its less universal competitors. Ranch dressing is easily the best thing since sliced bread. You should try it!



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