The Suds Back Home (EC)

2731175731_c33e2e180dBack home in Holland, MI, in Ottawa County, it was just passed that alcohol can now be sold on Sundays. Previously, alcohol sales at stores, and at bars had to cease by 2am on Sundays and could not start back up until open of business hours on Mondays. Ottawa County, Michigan, is a highly republican part of Michigan, one of the few. It was surprising to me when Yes to Sundays passed in the recent election. I think this had to do largely with it being a college town–home to Hope College campus. In a recent article by the Holland Sentinel it was explained that the serving of alcoholic drink will begin this coming Sunday, November 23, 2008. Although they are now allowed to sell alcoholic drinks, it will only be from the tap. Labeled bottles and can will not be sold, but are allowed to be sold. Yes, it is confusing. Michigan requires a separate alcohol license to sell labels on Sunday, and because it was against the Ottawa County ordinance to sell it in the past, no one had obtained one of these licenses. It may take a while before you will see labels being sold on Sundays in Holland, but it will happen. It is expected that the bars will be busy on this Sunday because Hollanders will be excited about the new change.

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Electricity-Free Refrigerator

Albert Einstein, a man of great knowledge, invented a refrigerator that did not use an once of electricity in 1930. This model used ammonia, butane, and water. I am not a very scientific person, so don’t ask me to explain it. For more check out the link at the bottom of the page. So what is the big deal? That was such a long time ago, it probably didn’t work. If that is what you’re thinking, you are right. I was not very efficient. The current refrigerator we use now-a-days uses freon gs and electricity. It has been proven that freon gas in the long run causes an effect on global warming. Malcolm McCulloch and a team that he oversees at Oxford University, are using Einstein’smodel, with modifications, to create a more efficient non-electric refrigerator. Their goal is to invent a “greener” refrigerator. McCulloch’s invention is still in the very early stages, and not near commercialization stage. But I may be lucky enough to own one ye tin my lifetime.


Rubber Ducky

I “Stumble Upon”ed this website the other day. Scientists are actually using rubber ducks to melting glaciers and global warming. Who knew a child’s bath toy could become so useful? What NASA researchers have done is place ninety rubber ducks Jakobshavn Glacier between Greenland and Canada. On each rubber duck, in multiple languages, they placed an e-mail address, and the words “science experiment” and “reward.” They hope that people will find these ducks, and inform them of their location. This can help the NASA scientists to track the movement of the water flow from the glacier. They believe that this glacier, Jakobshavn, produced the iceberg that sunk the Titanic. That is amazing that they can figure that out. I am awed by how they chose to use a simple child’s toy for a scientific experiment. They could have spent billions on technical tools to measure and track this glacier, but they save that money. What will they think of next?


“The most trusted stranger in America”

Every Sunday morning, before I shower, before I brush my teeth or even look in a mirror, I open my laptop and type in the address and start reading. For those of you who have never been to PostSecret, go there! It is liberating. “PostSecret is an ongoing community art project where people mail in their secrets anonymously on one side of a postcard.” This began with a man named Frank Warren. He was starting a weekend art display. He handed out postcards to some local people in Washington D.C. with the simple instructions to tell Frank a secret. The secret had to be one that was never shared, and it had to be true. After the exhibit was complete, Frank continued receiving postcards from anonymous people. This started in 2004, and today he receives approximately one thousand secrets a week! I never knew that there were that many secrets to be had.  He posts them online every Sunday for people to read. It is liberating to send in a secret. It’s the knowing you’re not alone that is wonderful. Frank has raised over $200,000 from his website (accumulating about one million hits a week) for Hopeline, a suicide prevention hotline. For Frank suicide is an issue that hits home, as he lost someone close to him. It’s amazing what a simple weekend art project can turn into isn’t it?

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Dutch Village Malfuntion

I read an article from my hometown newspaper. It said that the swing ride at Dutch Village, a local tourist attraction, malfunctioned. Although no one was seriously hurt, it will remain closed for the rest of the season. The ride jerked and caused riders to collide with one another, or the empty swings. There were eight people on the ride. This article startled me. Holland is my hometown. I remember riding on that exact swing ride when I was a kid, and then the most recent time was only 2 years ago. I worked in the fudge shop in Dutch village, De Zute Haan, a couple of years ago. I also have always had a fear of a ride malfunctioning while I was on it; I think most people have at least a minor fear of it. Dutch Village has been in its current location since 1952. For more information on Dutch Village go to: (This link is also the source for the image on the left.)

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