Peeing in a Pool…

“Having a smoking section in a restaurant is a little like having a peeing section in a pool.”

Amen! I have nothing agianst smoking, or even smoking in restaurants, but some people do. If there is simply a section for smoking in a restaurant, the smoke still travels everywhere. If you wish to put cancer in your own lung, go for it; but don’t put cancer in other people’s lungs. It’s the same with peeing in a swimming pool. If you want to swim in your own pee, then please do it in you own pool or bath tub, don’t make everyone else swim in your pee too! Thank-you.


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One Response to “Peeing in a Pool…”

  1. jkoglin

    There’s nothing worse then trying to go out for a nice dinner, and coming out of the restaurant smelling like an ash tray. Smoke doesn’t stay in one area, no matter how a restaurant tries to make it look. I can understand a bar having smoking, but little kids shouldn’t have to be exposed to smoke, nor should adults who don’t smoke. The fact is smoking is dangerous, and people who smoke should take responsiblitly for their decision to smoke, and do it in a non-public place. Putting others in danger by their smoking is not right.

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